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THE ULTIMATE SHIPPER MEME  [1/5] domestic scenes

            ned & chuck (2.01; Bzzzzzzzzz!)

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Pushing Daisies - s02e02 - “Circus Circus”

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Arab Little Red Riding Hood with a red hijab

A Japanese Snow White with her coveted pale skin and shiny black hair

Mexican Cinderella with colorful Mexican glass blown slippers

Greek Beauty and the Beast where Beast is a minotaur

Culture-bent fairy tales that keep key canonical characteristics

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“And for that we (give) credit to our star, Tatiana. For where we gave her our raw, brutal ode to a product of grotesque abuse, she replied with possibility. We all remember the day, as we developed this chapter, that Tat suggested Helena be motivated not by hate, but by love. And that changed everything, and everyone – even Sarah. Because a monster who wants to destroy you is hardly unusual. But a monster who sees in you and you alone something they recognize, and want to embrace… Well, that’s a whole new level of terrifying.”

The Hive Recap on Helena (x)

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I thought they put big stencils down and spray painted over them! This blows my mind!

Me too.
Holy shit.


I’m so impressed… holy shit…


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A Koala reflecting on his sins, his triumphs, and the inevitability of death.

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I fuckin want it. 

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